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Many people have asked about a simple silver tree we are exhibiting in our design shop. It's not a new arrival, but we decided to share some wise ways to add it to your décor.

This silver finish bonsai style branch comes handy when you want to let light shine inside of a space. Something particular about it is that many of its kind come on a dark or black stand. As you can see this is not the case, adding sophistication and making it suitable to match a broader range of decorations.

It'll add elegance and bring attention over small spaces. Ideal for modern homes and offices, it has a classic touch that will make any combination of furniture look refined. Specially goes will with whites, contrasting colors, zen style, minimalist; however, you can choose where you want it. The good thing about this delicate yet significant tree is that it  lets you do whatever you want to do with it, and that is not very common in accessories. Just be creative!

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